Quantitative project risk analysis with the use of limited historical data

Douloubekis MichaelStudent: Michael Douloubekis
Year: 2011
Affiliation: National Technical University of Athens
Level: Undergraduate
Thesis written in Greek

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The thesis is proposing the combination of the statistical data derived from previously completed similar projects, with the experts' judgment in order that the project risks' parameters are assessed. The combination of the statistical data and experts' judgment is used so as to improve the inputs' data, with which the quantitative project risk analysis is being conducted. The significance of historical data increases, as the statistical sample of historical data is being increased.

Τίτλος στα ελληνικά:Ποσοτική ανάλυση κινδύνων έργων με χρήση περιορισμένων ιστορικών δεδομένων

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