Business Continuity in operation and maintenance of highways

2022 Vrachiolides ApostolisStudent: Apostolis Vrachiolidis
Year: 2022
Affiliation: National Technical University of Athens/Athens University of Economics and Business
Level: Postgraduate
Thesis written in Greek


In the Greek territory, there is an extensive network of highways, the Operation & Maintenance of which has been assigned by the State to companies in the form of concession contracts. The operation of these companies has several peculiarities in comparison to a common service company or an industry.
The present thesis, seeks to investigate the business continuity management from the perspective of the operation & maintenance of highways through concession contracts. The objectives of this thesis were the following:
• Identify & frame the main risks arising from the operation and maintenance activities of a motorway.
• Risk Assessment and framing of the possible disruptive events during the operation and maintenance of a highway.
• Investigation and framing of the current situation and the measures applied by the concessionaires for the management of disruptive events.
• Frame the points where the development of a business continuity management system, can contribute to in the business continuity of the highways.

Thesis objectives, in order to be achieved, a questionnaire was created, which was answered by individuals with experience, working in highway concession companies, and included the assessment of the frequency and impact, for a number of risks that arise during the operation and maintenance of a highway. Then, after response analysis, interviews were conducted with the participants, where the existing management for the risks with the greatest impact on the operation of a highway was discussed.
The results showed the high level of readiness of concessionaires to manage and deal with disruptive events, and that a business continuity management system on a highway can make a significant contribution to information systems infrastructure, as well as to identifying risks that may not be taken into account without the existence of a business continuity management system.

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