TRiTON - Risk Management System for the design and operation of ships bunkering LNG facilities

Project category: Research

Contractor: National Technical University of Athens

Scientific Responsible (Research Consortium): A/Prof. Konstantinos Kirytopoulos

Scientific Responsible (NTUA): Dr Evangelos Bellos and Dr George Chatzistelios

Project held for: Consortium of companies under EYDE-ETAK funding

Years held: 2018-2022

Funding: 783.050€


A few words about the project:

The TRiTON project aims at the development of an integrated risk management system, covering all
phases of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port reception, storage and refueling facility lifecycle, from the
identification of the need for using LNG as a marine fuel, to realization of the investment and the operation of the facility. TRiTON includes:
A. The establishment of an integrated risk management framework suitable for setting the foundation and organizational arrangements at all stages of stakeholder Organizations from investment assessment, to design and operation of LNG facilities.
B. (b) analysis, (c) handling, and (d) monitoring of threats and opportunities related to the processes of:
1. Investment evaluation, demand forecast, preliminary assessment of facility costs, permitting and
environmental impact assessment;
2. Facility design and construction project management;
3. Facility operation, including LNG supply, storage and management, facility refueling, and vessels
4. Facility Safety considerations.