Just achieved the AgilePM qualification!

APMG-AgilePM usm1

I am very happy to have just achieved the AgilePM Practitioner business qualification from the APMG International.

The APM Group is a global accreditation, certification and examination body specializing in certification schemes for individuals, organizations and software based in the UK. In APM Group's portfolio we find qualifications such as PRINCE2, AgilePM, ITIL, M_o_R, P3M3 etc.


Richard Pharro (2011, p. 3) describes AgilePM as following: "Providing a flexible yet controlled process that can be used to deliver solutions, Agile Project Management combines effective use of people's knowledge together with techniques such as iterative development and modelling to achieve tight project delivery timescales. It offers flexibility while still recognising the processes that give project managers confidence to run their projects effectively".



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