Opportunity management on scheduling of licencing and construction of wind farms

Tsakmakidis LefterisStudent: Eleftherios Tsakmakidis
Year: 2020
Affiliation: National Technical University of Athens/Athens University of Economics and Business
Level: Postgraduate
Thesis written in Greek


The rapid development of the installation and operation of wind farms, as part of the wider development of renewable energy sources over the last twenty years, has significantly helped in improving the licensing and construction of such projects. However, still, the systematization and optimization of the whole process remains a time-consuming task.
This objective of the present postgraduate thesis is to explore the current legislative framework, to propose specific proposals for optimizing the licensing and construction process for a wind farm, and to document these proposals by citing expert opinions on them. The optimization that can come from implementing these proposals is with regards to the time needed to complete a given overall procedure. That is, it leads to a significant reduction in the total time required to license and construct a wind farm.
The ways in which the wind-farm licensing and construction processes are optimized are mainly through the simultaneous initiation of the competition for, both, the design and construction of the project, the proper selection of the location of the project, and the issuance of the building permit, immediately after finalizing the connection offer.
In addition to these proposals, a further eight proposals for optimizing the whole process have been developed (eleven proposals in total). The application of all of the above, ensures a significant reduction in the time required for the licensing and construction of a wind farm. 

Τίτλος στα ελληνικά: Διαχείριση ευκαιριών κατά το χρονικό προγραμματισμό της αδειοδότησης και κατασκευής ενός Αιολικού Πάρκου

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