Event project management with emphasis on risk management

Dounavi LouizaStudent: Louiza-Elpida Dounavi
Year: 2020
Affiliation: National Technical University of Athens
Level: Undergraduate
Thesis written in Greek


Title in Greek: Διοίκηση έργων εταιρικών εκδηλώσεων με έμφαση στη διαχείριση διακινδύνευσης


Abstract: This thesis focuses on the application of project management methods, and especially on practices related to the knowledge areas of scope management, resource management and risk management in corporate events. The study aims to improve the procedures required for corporate event management. The aim is achieved by addressing three main research objectives, which are the development of a) a template work breakdown structure (WBS), b) a template risk breakdown structure (RBS) and c) a RACI chart for corporate events. In addition, treatment options were investigated for the identified risks. Data was collected through extended literature review about corporate event management and semi-structured interviews conducted with corporate event project managers. The data collected were analyzed through thematic analysis. The study reveals that the work breakdown structure for corporate events can contain on second level, deliverables equivalent to the phases of the project life cycle (primary meeting, project planning, project execution, corporate event execution, final meeting). Furthermore, according to the results, risks in corporate events are mostly related with potential delays in materials delivery by suppliers, possible oversights in procedures during the project execution phase, potential technical problems during the event execution, possible delays in schedule and potential changes in project requirements. Finally, it is indicated that the written communication with suppliers, the communication with the guests before the event, the research for similar corporate events scheduled during the same period of time, the rehearsal of the corporate event, the attendance checklists and the monitoring of the event can positively contribute in managing risk in corporate events.

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