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Rokou, E., Voulgaridou, D. and Kirytopoulos, K. 2011, 'Web Based Group Decision Making In Human Resources Management', Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Analytical Hierarchy Process, Sorrento 15-18 June, CD-ROM Proceedings. 

Abstract: Although every problem has multiple solutions, many restrictions and various ways to be addressed, there are also many techniques, methods and approaches proposed by scholars and practitioners that can be implemented to help increase our decision making effectiveness. The Forum will address this issue by engaging participants to reach a group decision using a proprietary web based platform that implements the Group Analytic Network Process (GANP), named WEB ANP SOLVER that is open for academic use. An illustrative case concerning the selection of the best candidate for a job position as a teaching associate based on given profiles and preselected criteria will be used during the Forum. The results of this game will provide significant insights for the group decision making process, explore the proposed techniques and bring out the advantages and disadvantages reported in literature.