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Kirytopoulos, K., Rentizelas, A., Kazaras, K. and Tatsiopoulos, I. 2010, 'Quantitative operational risk analysis for dangerous goods transportation through cut and cover road tunnels', Proceedings of ESREL 2010 Conference, Taylor & Francis, Rhodes 5-9 September, 167-172. 

Abstract: This paper deals with risk analysis in cut and cover road tunnels. The research question explored is whether dividing a long tunnel into shorter sections would affect the safety when dangerous goods are allowed through the tunnel. In order to conclude the OECD /PIARC QRA Model quantitative risk analysis tool was used. Initial findings reveal that there is no evidence of increase in safety from dividing a long urban cut and cover tunnel in smaller parts with open air areas in between. However, the OECD /PIARC QRA Model is not ntended for such comparisons and the overall safety depends to a great extend on the specific characteristics of each particular case, since there are many factors that influence the overall safety of road tunnels. Therefore it is concluded that risk analysis using systemic approach is crucial for any road tunnel.