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Kirytopoulos, K. and Kazaras, K. 2011, 'The need for a new approach to road tunnels risk analysis', In Berenguer ,C., Grall, A., Soares, C.G., Advances in Safety, Reliability and Risk Management: Proceedings of ESREL 2011, Troyes French, 18-22 September 2011, CRC Press, London, 2562-2569. 

Περίληψη: After the tremendous accidents occurred in Europe over the past decade the European Commission embarked upon a major review of road tunnels safety and launched the Directive 2004/54/EC. The Directive except for imposing safety measures based on tunnel characteristics also dictates the implementation of risk analysis in several cases but it does not indicate either the method for performing the risk analysis or the criteria for risk acceptance. As a result many risk analysis methods have been proposed, most of them based on Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). In parallel, in other hazardous complex socio-technical systems in society, systems theoretical assumptions are considered a promising way to better understand and manage safety. The aim of this work is to explore whether QRA is the appropriate tool in order to perform risk analysis in road tunnels and why a systems theory approach could improve risk analysis in these infrastructures.