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Kiriklidis, C., Kirytopoulos, K.  and Rokou, E. 2011, ‘Exploring close-optimal solutions for the time constrained scheduling problem in resource management’, Proceedings of The IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering‏, IEEE, Singapore, Dec 2011, 844-847.

This paper presents a new approach for the Time Constraint Project Scheduling Problem (TCPSP). A two stage heuristic algorithm was developed for this problem. During the first stage a genetic algorithm using as fitness function, a function composition of max resource usage and the differences between actual and desirable resource usage, is executed to get a set of solutions. The second stage consists of choosing the best chromosomes and moving the solution's set start times ±1 to randomly generate another set of solutions. Experimental results of the two stage approach are presented and compared to the single genetic algorithm results.

Keywords – Time constraint project scheduling, genetic algorithm, resource leveling, project management.