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Mysore K., Elmualim, A. and Kirytopoulos, K. 2016, ‘Multistakeholder Engagement in the Face of Stakeholder Adversities Among Globally Distributed ICT Projects – A Conceptual Model and a Research Agenda’, Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), Bali, Indonesia, 4 Dec – 7 Dec 2016, IEEE, 1190-1194.

Globally distributed Information and Communication Tech-nology (ICT)  projects, typically engage multistakeholders coming from diverse multicultural backgrounds, with varied interests and collaborating across remote geographical loca-tions using different technologies. This is viewed as a signifi-cant challenge and of strategic importance in the face of stakeholder adversities. This paper builds on scientific find-ings in an integrated approach to analyse the stakeholder engagement in globally distributed ICT projects in line with underlying aspects of people, organisation and business en-vironment. The interplays, adversities and strategies in en-gaging multistakeholders are explored and a research model is conceptualised to showcase the multifaceted constructs, related to people, organisation and business environment that can be combined to create numerous ‘Themes of Inter-play’ which can affect several stakeholder adversities and the relevant strategies needed to mitigate such stakeholder adversities. The research focal points are highlighted and an agenda for future research is proposed.

Keywords – Globally distributed ICT Projects, International Projects, Inter-play, Multistakeholders, Stakeholder Adversities, Stakeholder Engagement, Virtual Projects