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Dermitzakis, M., Rokou, E. and Kirytopoulos, K. 2014, 'Multi-project Multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling with ant colony optimization', in Siskos, Y., Matsatsinis, N. and Psarras, J. (eds), Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium and 24th National Conference on Operational Research, Hellenic Operations research Society (HELORS), 26-28 of September 2013, Athens, pp. 393-399.

In today's rapidly evolving management world, the scheduling of multiple projects where each one's execution depends on another's successful completion, is of great importance. This paper presents an ACO algorithm for the multi-mode resource constrained multi-project scheduling problem (MRCMPSP). The proposed idea is grounded in the concept of prioritizing the sub-projects' scheduling based on: a) the number of external (to other sub-projects) relations and b) the resource requirements as compared to the resource shortage for each resource type and each sub-project. The implementation is based on two nested ACO algorithms, where the outer ACO algorithm, named MODACO, deals with the classification and prioritization of the projects to be scheduled as well as the mode selection for each activity of each project and the inner ACO algorithm, named ALACO, is called by MODACO to perform the activity list optimization for each project. The proposed method was validated using a consistent number of multi-mode PSP Lib (Kolisch and Sprecher, 1997a) data sets.

Keywords – Project scheduling, multi-project scheduling, multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling, MRCPSP, ant colony optimization.