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Kostidis, A. and Kirytopoulos, K. 2008, "Matching The Greek Legislation for Public Interest Construction Projects to Project Management Standards", Proceedings of the PM-04 > 4th Scientific Conference on Project Management & 1st IPMA / MedNet Conference, CCI – NTUA, Chios 29-31 May, 210-215.

Abstract: Apart from the project management standards which describe best practices, a project manager has to take into account the current legislation when implementing public-interest construction projects. This paper aims to provide a matching matrix of the proposed project management best practices and the Greek legislation for public works. The development of such a matrix will first offer a linking proposal for the knowledge and competence areas of these standards and on the other hand help project managers activating in Greece to manage their projects according to current regulations as well as the best practices of project management. Findings reveal that the Greek legislation concerning management of public works is not structured as a standard and it is spread over several laws and amendments. However, it seems to embody the best practices recommended by the standards.