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Fitsilis, P., Kirytopoulos, K. Leopoulos, V., Pantouvakis, J.P. & Saridakis, I. 2008, 'Requirements for assessing the managerial capability of organizations implementing projects of public interest – the Greek Standard ELOT-1429', Proceedings of the PM-04 > 4th Scientific Conference on Project Management & 1st IPMA / MedNet Conference, CCI – NTUA, Chios 29-31 May, 530-536.

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present ELOT-1429 standard, which defines a System for Managerial Capability (SMC) of organizations in project management. ELOT-1429 standard specifies a set of requirements that have to be implemented by organizations in order to increase their managerial capability for the execution of projects of public interest. The implementation of the SMC improves organization's efficiency and performance. One important feature of the SMC is that it can be used in the evaluation of managerial capability of the organizations.