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Diamantas, V., Kirytopoulos, K. and Leopoulos, V. 2011, 'Earned Value Management under Risk', International Journal οf Project Organisation and Management, Inderscience Publishers, 3(3/4), 335-351.



This paper presents a newly developed project monitoring and controlling method based on the synergy between project risk management (PRM) and earned value management (EVM). Its fundamental attribute is the introduction of the criticality index in EVM, which effectively models a dynamic aspect of the project frequently ignored in practice that is the existence of multiple critical paths. Two new stochastic indices are introduced, namely the weighted EAC t and the weighted SPI that utilise the criticality index of each project activity, as calculated through simulation. The objective of the proposed method, which is an enhancement to standard EVM rather than a replacement, is to expose the uncertainty under which decisions are taken and hence, to increase the quality of decision-making. The new indices, EAC t,w and SPI w , are further illustrated through a case study revealing the superiority of the synergy between EVM and PRM to the typical EVM.

Keywords earned value management; EVM; risk; criticality index; CI; schedule development