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Kirytopoulos, K., Diamantas, V. and Leopoulos, V. 2007, 'Incorporating risks in schedule development. You have the tools, can you get the info?', Proceedings of the 2007 PMI Global Congress EMEA, Project Management Institute, Budapest, Hungary, CD-Rom proceedings.

Abstract: During the planning process, project time management includes activity definition, activity sequencing, resource estimating, duration estimating and schedule development. Existing tools and techniques for activity duration estimating include expert judgment, analogous estimating, parametric estimating, as well as three-point estimates. Duration estimating databases that capture the organisations' knowledge are an invaluable input for activity duration estimating. Repetitive projects, such as those appearing in construction or aerospace industry may benefit the most from the existence of efficient duration estimating databases. This paper looks at the processes necessary to both gather the required information and utilise it to assure the efficiency of the time project management process. The first part of the paper presents the available tools and techniques for project time management, while the second part discusses a procedure for activity duration estimating and knowledge management, in repetitive projects.