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Kirytopoulos, K. and Voulgaridou, D. 2008, "Sub-Contractor Selection Decisions via a Multicriteria Model", Proceedings of the PM-04 > 4th Scientific Conference on Project Management & 1st IPMA / MedNet Conference, CCI – NTUA, Chios 29-31 May, 204-209.

Abstract: Although there are many factors affecting sub-contractor selection, the key trade-off is usually based upon cost and completion time. However, the evaluation on lowest price basis is a cause of problems, as it raises quality issues during and upon completion of the project. Moreover, in complex environments, decisions for partnerships are usually taken by groups rather than individuals. The present study proposes a systematic approach, based on the Group Analytic Network Process (GANP) which accurately reflects construction managers' preferences in relation to different tangible and intangible decision criteria. The work on the sub-contractor selection problem shows that the GANP has the potential to be an efficient tool for more complex partnership analysis. The paper focuses on the implementation steps of the method, as well as the definition of the criteria influencing the final decision.