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Business Game Aegean

Business Game (10th semester – elective), University of the Aegean – Financial and Management Engineering Dpt.



Business Games have always attracted the interest of students as well as managers. In this course the students are taking the places of managers and try to lead their company to success, while acting in a predefined business environment (specific market). Aim of this course is to force students to use all the knowledge acquired in previous management courses in order to dominate the market. The attendees are divided in teams and each team constitutes a company. During the Game students develop important for a business environment skills. By using this skills and the acquired knowledge from other courses, students are figuring out ways to dominate the market while acting in a spirit of noble emulation.

Moreover, each team is asked also to develop a Business Plan usually for a product relevant to the Business Game market. In order to achieve this task, students are guided about the contents of a Business Plan as well as basic tips of its development.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understanding practically basic operations of organisations (Marketing, Production, Finance, Sales).
  • Analysing business cases and performing what-if analysis.
  • Working as team members.
  • Performing group decision making.
  • Developing the financial part of a business plan.

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Course changed Professor in Academic Year 2011-2012.