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Advanced Industrialised and Prefabricated Construction

UniSA goodAdvanced Industrialised and Prefabricated Construction: an Approach to Building Future Economies

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Description (copy from original UniSA website):
Construction is one of the main contributors to the Australian economy with a 10% share of the national GDP. However, the construction industry has been widely criticised for lack of innovation and waste generation. The industry has also been criticised for the huge impact it has on the environment especially due to the huge amount of construction waste from construction, renovation, demolition and building and civil infrastructure. Various feasibility studies worldwide have shown that the application of prefabrication is the way forward in improving the performance of the construction industry as it has been proven to reduce construction waste and improve the environmental performance of the construction processes. There is a stringent need for the Australian construction industry to adopt the prefabrication processes harnessing various technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), virtual reality, robotic, digital fabrication, crystallography and emergent tectonics and nanotechnologies. However, the lack of well-established product development and testing facilities and the appropriate certification for industrialised and prefabrication construction materials/products has been seen as one of the main barriers for advancing prefabricating in the Australian construction sector.  The aim of this research project is to develop a roadmap, scoping and feasibility study for the initiation of an interdisciplinary research project to advance the Australian construction industry into an agile, rapid and innovative manufacturing. The project aims to provide the technical groundwork needed to develop integrated and centralised facility for development, testing and certification of innovative methods, processes, technologies, and materials/products to advance industrialised prefabrication in construction in South Australia.

Advanced Industrialised and Prefabricated  Construction: an Approach to Building Future Economies