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Dr Konstantinos A. KirytopoulosAs a Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering - National Technical University of Athens, I work mainly on project and risk management. My main professional goal is to diffuse project and risk management disciplines, as well as to inspire people use it, not only in order to achieve business but also their personal goals. With my peers (post-graduate students, colleagues from Industry and Academia with same interests) we work mainly on the following subjects: 

Areas of Research


Project Management

Our experience and research interests rest mainly on project risk management, project control methods, project resource allocation with application of sophisticated algorithms, project management standards (ISO 21500, PMBOK, ICB, ELOT1429), project scheduling, multicritera decision analysis in project decision making (AHP/ANP), project investment analysis and project management educational tools.

Risk Management

Apart from project risk management and business continuity management which constitute a core research element, we are working and researching in the field of road tunnel operational risk analysis both on the quantitative risk analysis as well as on qualitative/systemic risk analysis.

Quality, Standards and Education

In parallel to the previously mentioned research areas we are very interested and work on relevant standards (ISO, ELOT, etc.) as well as sophisticated educational approaches and tools. We do acknowledge that standards and modern education systems shape the profession for the years to come.


Download here Dr Kirytopoulos cv in .pdf form (english / greek)